1. Introduction

    This privacy policy is for the website https://www.revisescience.co.uk (which will be referred to as ReviseScience.co.uk). ReviseScience.co.uk is a revision website for students studying Science GCSE and A Level qualifications. It is made by a practicing UK teacher and designed to be free for all to use.
    Anyone using the site will need to sign in using a Microsoft or Google account so that their progress can be recorded.

2. Information We Collect and How We Use Your Information

    When you login through Microsoft or Google we record the following information
      1. Who you have logged in with – we use this to track your progress across the site.
      2. Your unique ID from that provider – we use this to track your progress across the site.
      3. Your first name and last name – so that we can offer you a more personalised experience.
      4. The date that you first used the site.
      5. The date that you last used the site.
      6. At GCSE the exam board, GCSE (Combined or Separate) and tier that you studying – so that we can ensure that you only revise what you need to revise.
      7. Your confidents on the revision materials that you use – every time you click on an emoji, this is recorded so that we can feedback to you your overall confidence.

3. Sharing Your Information

    Your information is not shared with any other outside agencies.

4. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

    This website uses 2 cookies
      1. Consent – from Google.com – and used as part of the Google Translate option.
      2. PHPSESSID – allows your login status, course choice and tier to be used across the pages on the website.
      The website also uses local storage to record information stored between pages for example the exam board and course you are studying, the tier you are taking and whether you are logged in. You can clear this information by clicking here.
      The cookies and local storage allow the smooth running of the site. If you do not wish to use these, then please do not use the site.

5. Your Choices

    Should you wish for your information to be deleted from ReviseScience.co.uk, please use the contact button at the top of the page, stating your name and your email address.

6. Security

    Your information is stored on a secure database hosted by 1and1.co.uk

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy

    Updates to this privacy policy will be make on this page.