About ReviseScience.co.uk

I have made this site to help students that I teach in their revision for their 21st Century Science GCSE with the OCR exam board. I do not make any profit from it.

I have built the site around the principles of effective revision – that the activities you complete should be varied, testing yourself regularly during revision helps you remember information and that you revisit the same topic trying the different activities to help retain the information you need. There are a variety of ways that you can use this site depending on your own style of learning. For more information on revision you can click/tap on the revision link above.

I will be updating this site as I make new activities. If you have found any dead links or you have any suggestions of how it can be made better please let me know by clicking on the contact link at the top of the page or contact me on MrPower@ReviseScience.co.uk