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I have made this site to help students in their revision for GCSE exams with AQA and OCR (21st Century) exam boards. I do not make any profit from it. I have tried to write it as a revision guide with links to useful sites and have tried to cover every topic. None of the sites that I link to or the pictures that I use are my own and I have shown where possible who the original material belongs to. Each link on the page can be found as it will have a picture which will have a large border around when you roll your mouse over it.

To use this site it is recommended that you look at the 'Revision' section to give you an idea of how to revise and what your preferred learning style is. Following this look up the topic that you are revising - you can then either work through the revision notes, click on the links for interactive tutorials from other sites, listen to the podcasts, watch videos or carry out the 'test yourself' activity at the end of each page - basically choose whatever works best for you and the way you revise. When you feel confident enough, try one of the past papers.

I will be updating this site as I find new websites to link to. If you have found any websites that you think should be included on this site, found dead links, have any suggestions of how it can be made better or you own some of the material I have linked to and would like the link removed please let me know by clicking on the pink E at the top of the screen or contact me on mrpower@revisescience.co.uk.

Thanks for using this site.