A Level Biology

This section contains resources to help Robert Clack students revise for their AS Biology exams.

  • Key words and definitions – A Level Biology contains somve very specific technical language. This sections contains definitions of all of the key words for the units I have taught you.
  • Past Papers – This section contains links to old spec paper as well as topic lists so that you can practice answering questions.
  • OCR Website – To download the website and find out other useful information from the exam board. 

You can find out more about different revision techniques by following the revision link above.

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Key words and Definitions

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Past Papers

The current AS Biology course is only a year old and as such there is only one set of specimen papers available online which can be found below. The mark scheme can be found at the end of both of these papers.


There are also past papers from the old specimen which can be used for revision. Bear in mind that the old specification does not match up perfectly to the new one so there may be questions on topics that you do not need to know and some new topics are not tested on the old papers.

AQA Chemistry Unit 1
This unit covers Cell Structure, Cell Membranes, Cell Division, Cell Diversity and Cellular Organisation, Exchange and Transport, Exchange Surfaces and Breathing, Transport in Animals and Transport in Plants.
OCR Biology Unit 2
This unit covers Biological Molecules, Nucleic Acids, Enzymes, Food and Health, Diet and Food Production, Health and Disease, Biodiversity, Evolution and Classification.

OCR Website

OCR AS Specification
Click to open the specification which contains details of what you are taught and also the administration of the course.
OCR Website
Click the link to go to the OCR website.

Victoria's Cardiac Cycle Video

Revision Games

Here are a couple of revision activities I have made for you - I'm new to doing this, so please give me feedback.

The Eukaryotic Cell


Cell Division


Disease names


Heart Physiology




Tissue Quiz



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