OCR Biology - Unit 1

This unit covers Cell Structure, Cell Membranes, Cell Division, Cell Diversity and Cellular Organisation, Exchange and Transport, Exchange Surfaces and Breathing, Transport in Animals and Transport in Plants.

Before you practice any past paper questions, make sure that you know the meanings of all of the key words in exam questions, a definitions list from AQA can be found by clicking/tapping the link.

Below are the Unit 1 past papers. Click on the links for the question papers, mark schemes and examiners reports (which give you information on the mistakes commonly made by students in this exam). Remember if you do not study the OCR Biology course, some of the questions may cover topics that you do not need to know. Ask your teacher if you are not sure.

The mark scheme contains the answers to the questions, the additional guidance contains extra information about what the examiners allowed or did not allow. The list below outlines the key terms you need to be aware of.

Do not allow - This is used to describe answers that are incorrect and the mark is not given even if the correct answer has also been given.
Ignore - This means that the answer is not wrong, but on its own is not enough to gain the mark. If the correct answer has also been given, then the mark is awarded.
Allow - These are alternative answers that are also allowed.
Underlined words - The underlined words are those that must be included in the answer to gain the mark.
AW - alternative wording, this means that you can write an alternative answer that conveys the same message.
ECF - Error Carried Forward, this means that an error made earlier on in the question can be carried forwards. This is usually used in calculation questions.
ORA - Or Reverse Argument, this means that you can write the reverse argument. For example if you are explaining why one compound has a higher melting point than another you could write the reverse argument about why the other compound has a lower melting point.

Some markschemes and examiners reports cover all of the exams, in this case look for the exam numbered F211.


June 2015